Flexy2 represents a simple dynamical system with one actuator (fan) and one sensor (flex resistor). The system allows to measure and control an air flow produced by fan. The air flows around an obstacle that is mounted on a flexible strip. Strip bends as a result of increased hydrodynamic pressure. The corresponding change in electric resistance of flex sensor is measured. This handy, portable laboratory device has two fully configurable knobs and a display. Flexy2 comes with Matlab/Simulink interface using which students can implement their own control loops, assign signals to knobs and view all measured data from Flexy2.


  • contains embedded microcontroller (Arduino UNO)
  • 4-digit segmented display
  • two configurable user inputs (knobs)
  • durable 3D printed case
  • compatible with all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • MATLAB/Simulink and Python interface
  • programmable directly in C language
Power supply12 VDC
Dimensions (w×h×l)15.1 cm × 7.8cm × 4.8 cm
Fan specs40 mm, 12 VDC, 4 W
ConnectionsPC/Mac via USB or 6-pin IDC with PLC-like controllers
Flex sensor12bit resolution
Sampling rateup to 200 Hz with Matlab or Python