Educational Sensor Platform

Enhance programming courses with Arduino-based Sensor board and show students how to read and visualize real measurements from
onboard humidity, temperature and other sensors. The sensor platform serves as an educational tool for students interested in the programming of micro-controllers. It is easily pluggable on boards based on Arduino UNO layout. By using the board, students speed up their programming skills, because they avoid struggling with wires, wrong schematics, and potential damage to sensors or micro-controller.

Sensors on the platform:

  • Analog temperature sensor TMP36
  • Digital sensor of humidity and temperature DHT11 or DHT22
  • Photosensor

Other useful elements:

  • Button
  • RC filter
  • couple: 3 mm LED – photosensor
  • 3 SMD LEDs of traffic lights: red, orange, green
  • pin-header for servo
  • pin-header for ultrasonic distance sensor